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Headhunter: The best or nothing!

chasseur de teteEXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING dedicates a consultant and a researcher to your company.With their strong respective experience, they establish a recruitment strategy and keep you informed of progress throughout the project until the very end.

A proven sign of professionalism: We follow candidates for six months after recruitment in order to provide advice to support their integration.

P.FREITAG burnedEXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING is to recruitment what haute couture is to fashion, that is, "tailored quality".


At EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING, the object is not for a "one shot wonder" but to build a real relationship with our client based on trust, respect for commitment and effectiveness.

Our HR consultants who work with your company are themselves ex-commercial managers (Sales Director, Marketing Director, Salesperson etc). They speak the same language as you!

Your problem immediately becomes our problem.

They seize your « recruitment » problem without delay and manage it with the same commitment they would apply to their own company.

Headhunting and the Direct Approachapproche directe

 combines maximum information from their client (recruitment context, specific issues etc) and establishes a timeframe for the project.
The consultant in charge of the project, in tandem with the researcher, determines the targets and develops the most effective sourcing strategy.
Proceeding exclusively by headhunting and the direct approach, our researcher quickly establshes contact with potential candidates according to the specifications established by the client.

Several interviews are held during the recruitment process and the profiles are confirmed following commercial and behavioural assessment (84 question tests) managed by experienced experts.
  • AssessFirst behavioural tests
  • Occupational Psychology assessment
A summary is then given to the client and the candidate.

Adapted and differentiated solutions

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING is to recruitment what haute couture is to fashion, that is, "tailored quality".

Each client has their own recruitment problems that are unlike any others. On of the strengths of EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING is to know, above all, how to adapt and apply specific actions to your situation or your activity.