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savoir faire consultante rhTECHNIQUES OF THE PERFORMANCE 

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING chose from the outset to position themselves opposite generalist recruitment agencies who largely advertise job positions and use a direct approach from CVs provided by job boards.

From experience, it is clear that it is rarely the best profiles that respond to published advertisements in specialised websites or magazines.

While the direct approach can identify profiles based on data can present an immediate solution, it is rarely complete when it comes to recruiting in niche sectors within an industry.

The consultant in charge of the project will quickly proceed to headhunting, which is clearly the area where a company like EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING adds value  to the process.

nathalie vanhoveOur clients should demand the best of us to obtain the best salespeople in their sector!

Our company stretches our major strengths and differentiates with regard to what is practiced by other market players. This is sometimes pre-emptively called headhunting.


When our clients meet the company director (who is still "on the clock" after nearly 20 years in the industry) or one of our experienced consultants in the technical sector within which they will operate, they are assured that they are working with professional and field experts.

Indeed, there is nothing more irritating for a client than to sit through a Powerpoint presentation by a company consultant, which, while interesting, ultimately leaves little room for the client to identify and discuss their needs.

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It is equally unpleasant for a client to have to explain his activity to the consultant in minute technical detail, even though the consultant may be often young and talented. 

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING consultants regularly operate in different industrial sectors (fluids, instrumentation, industrial vision etc) and are, therefore, specialists in this type of briefing.

They ask the right questions, those that elicit ideal responses for recruitment success.

At EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING, we believe that our clients' time is precious, so we do not impose a second appointment with the researcher to draw up a brief.

The company commercial consultant, who well knows the industrial sector, personally finalises the researcher's brief. 


Each project is important for our clients and consequently, would not undersand if we demonstrated a soft reaction.

If our clients have a need and it is entrusted to us to deal with effectively, we need to ethically invest our best resources to guarantee optimal resolution.

Four to eight weeks is the average timeframe to complete a recruitment mission at EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING.

We make it a point of principle that if we do not meet this timeframe, due to extra complexities or unfavourable times of the year (holiday and summer, for example), we double our efforts and involve the top management in these projects.


Our clients should demand the best of us to obtain the best salespeople in their sector!


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With maximum commitment, we guarantee, without hesitation, all our recruits for 12 months to assure our clients and establish a real relationship of trust.