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Recruit the best salespeople and techno-salespeople*

*Only recruiting the best

An EXCELLIUM imperative: Recruit the best salespeople and techno-salespeople

The recruitment of salespeople and techno-salespeople seems to be a major act of management with immediate HR and financial consequences.

nadia burnedThe time for recruiting "good" salespeople and techno-salespeople is gone. For us, the principal mission is to offer companies the best salespeople in their sector.

commercial technico commercialEXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING headhunts and brings in the best salespeople and techno-salespeople B to C and B to B with proven potential.

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING recruits salespeople and techno-salespeople from France and prioritises job interviews in the client's sales sector in order to maximise recruitment success.

Each recruitment is consolidated by a specific support in the form of coaching for six months.

From experience, this support ensures a guaranteed success rate of almost 95%.

commercial technico commercial 2EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING prioritises the direct approach in headhunting candidates in current positions, thus ensuring the operational profile of candidates offered to clients.

However, each candidate is evaluated in the context of the recruitment process and can take part in, if the client wishes, commercial training before taking up the job.

Recruiting directly operational salespeople and techno-salepeople for mid-level management positions or at the head of profit centres requires consideration of specific needs of the company (commercial strategy, internal and domestic constraints etc), as well as the concurrent environment.

By recruiting their sales people and techno-salespeople, EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING provides their clients with the dedication and professionalism they are entitled to.

The time for recruiting "good" salespeople and techno-salespeople is gone. For us, our principle mission is to offer companies the best salespeople in their sector.

Maximum reactivity

As the development of your turnover cannot wait, EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING will immediately take into account your specific needs and satisfy your demand within 40 days!

Day 1: Consider your salespeople and techno-salespeople recruitment specifications and formalise a real recruitment mandate. 

Day 1 + 7: Begin sector research and, after targeting, approach potential clients.

Day 1 + 40: Provide client with a minimum of three candidate files or more if the local context allows.

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING can prolong their project to include:

  • Business coaching following recruitment for supported integration within the company.
  • Specific and practical commercial training adapted to your expectations.