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Every company director is regularly confronted with the problem of recruitment.

Particularly when it comes to finding the best salespeople in their activity sector, the task becomes arduous, if not impossible.

Indeed, the "rare pearls" of business are not common. Most of them are already in current positions and do not necessarily respond to the call of professional mobility.

They almost never respond to job advertisments posted on sites or specialist journals, which are often useless.

In this case, it is necessary to contact them directly. This is a delicate and dangerous approach, which, for confidentiality reasons, cannot be carried out directly by a recruitment company.

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING, offers to take care of this direct approach project by highlighting three different strengths.

- The sales expertise of their consultants in the industrial and IT sectors;
- Their own techniques of direct approach and headhunting  that necessitates the essential qualities of tact, patience and conviction;
- Their reactivity (four to six weeks to complete a recruitment project).

Quality chart: The firm is commited to completing projects that in full accordance with professional ethics of the sector.


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Replacement guarantee: All recruitments are guaranteed for one year.