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IMG 3722After a professional career marked by Human Resources positions in the commercial sector, Philippe Freitag decided to found EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING.

Starting from the premise that only the knowledge of a trade confers a certain authority to speak about and above all deal with certain problems, Philippe focused his efforts firstly on the recruitment of salespeople and techno-salespeople.

Constantly in need, regardless of the industry, the recruitment of salespeople and techno-salespeople necessitates a global HR approach (client advisory role) and an equally suitable and sustainable technical response.

P.FREITAG burnedOur primary objective: To find the best collaborators in your industry, including those of tomorrow, to help boost your results!

Indeed, recruitment in the building instrument sector is not at all comparable to the same action in the IT sector!

At EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING, we prioritise trade expertise with seasoned and passionate consultants in the industry they are responsible for.

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING is a headhunting firm with a direct approach and recognised expertise in the industrial and IT sectors.

photo erhThe work of this firm is not limited to the national territory, having carried out a number of projects abroad (Austria, Belgium, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Guinea and Northern Africa) mostly in the industrial and IT sectors

Made up of established consultants from the commercial sector, the firm supports and advises clients in developing the potential of their sales teams.

For many years, with its expertise within the industrial and IT sectors, EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING now recruits, for its clients, technical collaborators (managers, artisans, technical leaders, maintenance technicians, machine technicians etc)

To save clients' times (and thus, money), by identifying the best salespeople and techno-salespeople in the market, in their activity sector, is the primary objective of each of consultant!

EXCELLIUM RH CONSULTING is unquestionably and permanently among the recruitment market leaders for sales and techno-sales profiles. Their methods of headhunting and non-traditional direct approach gives them a real authority and a leading role in the highly competitive recruitment market. 

Our primary objective: To find the best collaborators in your industry, including those of tomorrow, to help boost your results!


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